Playlist — DIN A Queer im November 2016

[c.a. 00:00 bis 03:00]

gang of four — I love a man in an uniform
the rapture — whoo! Alright-yeah…uhhuh
LCD Soundsystem — Daft Punk is playing in my house
Stereo Total — Party anticonformiste
Raketenkind — Im Frühtau zu Berge
Mediengruppe Telekommander — Trend
Sleaford mods — Tarantula deadly cargo
NYPC — we want to
sister sledge — lost in music
chicks on speed — wordy rappinghood
Felix da Housecat — sinnerman
Mykki Blanco — Wamy?
lady sovereign — I got you dancing!
Ladyhawke — A love song
Cristal Fighters — Champion Sound
FM Belfast — Par Avion
Florence and the Machine — Kiss with a Fist
Joan Jett — Do you wanna touch me?
Bikini Kill — Rebel girl
Nina Hagen — Auf`m Bahnhof Zoo
David Bowie — Beauty and the beast
Joy Division — Love will tear us apart
Nine inch Nails — Closer
The Cure — A forest
The Smiths — what difference does it make
Depeche mode — Master & Servant
Talk Talk — It`s my life
Kraftwerk — Boing Boom Tschak
New Order — Blue Monday
Fehlfarben — Apokalypse
Schwefelgelb — Alle Sterne
DAF — Verschwende Deine Jugend
William Shatner — Common People
Dead Kennedys — Too drunk to fuck
EMF — unbelievable
yeah yeah yeahs — heads will roll
B52 — Rock lobster
Blondie — One way to another


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